Recommendation to use the hand pump faucet

A hand pump faucet is most suited for trailer trucks and camper vans. The primary reason for a hand pump faucet to be popular amongst trailer truck and camper van owners is because a hand pump faucet allows for a regular and consistent supply of water into your camper van.

Mostly, a camping sink pump that is brought by people is foot powered wherein the drain pipe and the faucet are connected to a hose. Thus, it allows for running water to come into the faucet via the pump. One can also use a camping sink pump with an electric pump and this would make the water be pumped into the faucet via a 12V electric switch.

1.Let’s look at the correct method in which we can use a hand pump faucet:The important thing to note first up is that a hand pump faucet is extremely easy to use and hence it can be operated by anyone including children which mitigates the risk of breakdown and malfunctioning. The handle of the faucet needs to be rotated back and forth in order for water to flow and be pumped through the faucet.



2.There is a functional prime lock facility in the hand pump faucet which allows water to be held in prime position for immediate release or one can leave line in drain position to return water to holding tank and/or source.

3.The installation is simple and its best to simply drill a hole through the counter top, place the camping sink pump faucet and connect the hose to the water source to get a smooth supply of water.