How to use RV pump faucet

People who travel in camper vans, trailer trucks and similar mobile vans have always found it quite inconvenient to procure water from source effortlessly as well as maintain a steady flow of water into the sink and other areas needing it. Thanks to the introduction of RV pump faucet for campervans, this task has now got a whole lot easier!

A camper pump faucet has now become a common feature in almost all mobile camper vans due to its usability and features. Usually, an RV pump faucet for camper vans is similar to a mechanical water pump however what makes it unique and distinct from others is that it operates with electricity.

Once you turn on a camper pump faucet, it uses a pressure switch monitor to control the flow of the water and stabilize it to a level where it is neither too high nor too low. You can use an RV water faucet as your primary source of water or also as a backup in-case your main source fails.

camper pump faucet

The only thing to be careful about is not to connect the RV faucet pump to a very high-water pressure source as it may burst the RV pipe if the pressure is above what it can sustain.

The RV water pump faucet works off a 12volt DC system. Hence, all that is required is to have a connection of the water supply to a 12volt system. Average water pump would use approximately 5.5 amps over an hour.

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