How To Select The Best Rain Barrel Pump?

A rain barrel pump can sustain outdoor and indoor water needs in areas with good rainfall. If you live in or are planning to visit such a place, a water pump for RV can pump fresh water from a rain harvesting system.


Complete Guide On How To Select The Best Rain Barrel Pump

#1. Cost

Decide how much money you can spend as the cost of a pump varies depending on the ease of use. While transfer pumps are cheaper but inconvenient to use, on- demand pumps are costlier but convenient to use.

#2. Type of water pump for RV

There are two types of pumps -

1. A transfer pump: It has to be switched on when you need water and turned off when you are done.

2. On-demand pump: It can run constantly and supply water whenever needed.

#3. Location of the pump

Decide whether you want a submersible or an external (jet) pump. While submersible pumps are self-primed pumps and can supply water whenever a faucet is turned on, jet pumps need to be primed before they start pumping water.

#4. Flow rate

Flow rate is the amount of water supplied to the water fixtures. You should select a pump with a flow rate that corresponds to your water requirement.

#5. Pressure

The required pressure depends on how your water system is set up. If you are pumping underground water, you will need more pressure than a standard water pump for RV

#6. Power

While some pumps require high voltage power, a rain barrel pump can work on as low as 12V from a DC adapter or vehicle battery.

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