Find out the best Ulka pump

The coffee machine has got lots of bits and bobs which work together and produce that lovely brew! There is a small little piece of equipment that is fitted in the machine whose sole purpose is to pump water into the packed compartment which holds the aromatic coffee beans. This small device is called the ULKA pump.

You can compare the importance of an ULKA pump to that of a sink pump faucet. Principally, both ULKA pump and a sink pump faucet are required to pump liquid in a set proportion from the source to the bean container and sink respectively.

ULKA pump

Let’s understand how you can find out which is the best ULKA pump amongst the variety of such pumps available in the market today

1. Compatibility with big brands – an ideal ULKA pump must be compatible to work with the big brands in espresso machines like Necta, Bianchi and Rheavendors.

2. Efficiency – an ULKA pump must be able to last anywhere between 3 to 5 years. For example, the CEME ULKA pump EX5 claims to be able to last up to 5 years when used in the right manner in appropriate conditions.

3. Controlled Liquid flow–the ULKA pump must ideally maintain a low atmospheric pressure and the volumetric flow rate must be controlled.

ULKA pump can be used in other machines as well apart from coffee machines such as:

  • Steam cleaners
  • Equipment for water carbonation
  • HVAC equipment like air conditioners