Are RV Pump Faucets different from Home Faucets

A pump faucet is a common feature in all our homes. Some of us even use an RV water faucet bathroom to ensure a hassle-free and uninterrupted supply of water. We have also seen a pump faucet or an RV water faucet bathroom in camper vans, trailers and tiny homes which are stationed on a trailer.

There are doubts raised by many of us especially those who are using an RV water pump faucet for the first time as to whether a home faucet and an RV pump faucet is the same?

RV water faucet bathroom

To let the facts lay bare, a home pump faucet   and an RV pump faucet are working on the same principle hence they are similar however it depends since they both will connect to the plumbing system slightly differently and will need certain kind of adapters to get aligned to the plumbing system appropriately. In a nutshell, both are faucets and hence are having the same fundamental components but it’s the fitment that may be challenging.

The water that is coming into our homes generally passes through rigid metal pipes or PVC pipes. These fixtures are strong and sturdy since they have threads and grooves that form a tight seal with the faucets inlet ports.

However, a motorhome has flexible PEX tubes that run behind RV’s wall panels and other spaces. Hence, if you wish to fit and consequently replace a pump faucet in an RV water faucet bathroom, you would need to have the correct RV faucet adapter and connector.