Investing in RV Folding Cold Water Faucet

People travelling in campervans and trailer trucks need equipment that can support their situation and ease out the burden of managing things while being on the move. An important area is the sink and washing area in these vans wherein a lot of water is required at a consistent pace and pressure to complete daily chores.

An intelligent decision would be to install a RV folding cold water faucet and also pair it with a 12 volt water pump submersible. This combination has multiple benefits to solve all your water problems in one go! Let’s understand this a little better by knowing their functionality and purpose.

An RV folding cold water faucet would be a low-profile and folding hot and cold-water faucet. This would be built as a stainless steel or copper unit. This faucet can be rotated in both directions. Since it can be rotated 180 degrees up and down and 360 degrees horizontally, they carry excellent flexibility. The  is highly durable hence purchasing one for your houseboat, camper, campervan, bar counter and other narrow spaces is an excellent decision in the long-run.

The 12 volt water pump submersible is considered as an excellent addition to the RV folding cold water faucet since it can take more than 200 litres of water and has a heavy duty cable as well as DC jack to connect it to a 12 volt power supply. It has a super long life and can maintain the pressure of water in mobile vans and trailers.