How to Wire up a 12 volt submersible water pump for your Campervan

When traveling in trailer trucks and parking somewhere for a few days with very little access to electricity, people expect to always have access to water.

Using a 12 volt submersible water pump is the most reliable way to guarantee a steady supply of water from the source. A submersible water pump simply does what it is designed to do while submerged in water, as the name says. Instead of drawing water from the source, the submersible 12V water pump pushes it to the surface.

The logical option for people who need a constant supply of drinking water in their trailer trucks is a 12 volt submersible water pump coupled with an electric faucet 12 volt due to its many advantages over a regular water pump.

A 12 volt submersible water pump for camper vans provides the following benefits:

1. Greater Efficiency - a water pump for RV is more effective than standard and typical water pumps because it is positioned inside the water source and can quickly detect the amount of water.

2. Quieter - These pumps are silent since they are submerged in water, which makes them more user- and eco-friendly.

3. A water pump for RV  is safer because all of the machine's parts are submerged. Even youngsters and the elderly, who are more vulnerable to mishaps, won't be harmed by the machine or its parts in the event of an explosion.


 Wiring a 12 volt submersible water pump for a camper van is extremely simple and is done using a connector block. The positive and negative feed will have to be connected with the wiring coming from the pump as well as the microswitch. The  aim is to complete the circuit and allow for water to flow into the tap as soon as the microswitch is turned on.

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