5 Tips To Use A 12V Drinking Water Pump

RV is a fully functional home on wheels. The vehicle is fitted with a 12V drinking water pump that supplies fresh water. If you’re planning an extensive trip, you should know how to use a water pump for RV.

5 Tips To Use Water Pump For RV

#Tip1: Inspect the water lines to check for damages or leaks.

#Tip2: Install a pump strainer between the water tank and the 12V drinking water pump to prevent dirt and debris from entering the pump.

#Tip3: Do not run your pump unless you need water for toilet or kitchen use.

#Tip4: Turn off the water pump for RV  while driving. A bump in the road can knock a tap open and leave water running while you're driving.

#Tip5: Turn off the water pump at night or when you are not around the vehicle. If unnoticed, a running tap may cause massive damage to your RV.

Priming RV Water Pump

Using the pump after a long time or have recently replaced it? Follow these steps to prime the pump.

1. Fill up the water tank in your RV.

2. Turn on all the faucets.

3. Switch on the water pump near the water tank.

4. This will prime the pump as the water pushes up from the tank to the faucets. Allow the water to flow for some time and then turn off all the faucets.

5. The pump is fully primed now. The water pump will turn on only when a faucet opens.

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